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Path not found Error message

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While migrating analysis(OAC) from one instance (Dev) to other instance (SIT) analysis is throwing error Path not found.

This issue is with one analysis whereas all other analysis working fine.

Any input on same.



  • Hi Indra,

    I can think of few scenarios when this can happen

    1) Please check if you have used any report based filters or added drill downs and the detailed reports are not migrated to the new instance

    2) Check if there are any custom images are used in these analysis and these images may not have been migrated to new instance.



  • Starting from the beginning: does your analysis link something? Because the behavior of the tool didn't change in about 15+ years. Linked objects uses full paths from the catalog root and when you move an object, there dependent (linked) objects don't come with it automatically if you don't move them as well.

  • Hi Indra,

    In addition to what Bharath suggested, please check for saved filters. They would be available under a folder called Subject Area Contents. E.g. below.