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HELP! Deletion, Merging and Incomplete Submissions



Any advise?



We configured the system to hide incomplete submissions in recruiting and also perform data auto-deletion tasks/merging. We however noticed that many records are showing in OBI that are not showing in Recruiting and # candidates became so high (not matching #candidates in recruiting). We were then advised to filter by Submission is Complete 'Yes', Missing Identification 'No' and Record Status 'Available'. Doing this again caused another issue, the total no of reqs reduced due to the filters.

Report users are now looking for a way to report all reqs and accurately get the total no of candidates that correctly match what is seen in Recruiting.

We were again advised to remove all filters and use # Submission Completed instead of # Candidates. This helped us to report on all reqs but the #Submission Completed still a little high as it is still picking up a few deleted candidate records and missing ids. I am open to try all suggestions or may be it is something that can't be achieved. So far I have advised users to use pure reqs reports to report on reqs and use submissions attached to reqs to report accurately report the nos of candidates/submissions. Unfortunately, they need a single report to do this.

I really don't know if it is possible to report on all reqs and still have it showing correct no of candidates/submissions due to the deletion tasks and incomplete submission configuration.




  • Use a combined query and make the second half of the query requisitions with no candidates(based on your criteria).



  • A K
    A K ✭✭

    Thank you very much Rachel laugh. I tried this before and something just wasn't right. I tried it now, I got all the reqs but # submissions still not accurate. I know there is something wrong but my brain is about to burst. 

    For my first query I filtered by the following and used no of submissions completed: 

     Record Status is equal to / is in  AVAILABLE imageimageimageimage
    AND  Is Missing Identification is equal to / is in  No imageimageimageimage
    AND  Submission Is Completed is equal to / is in  Yes

    For the second query using Union to join the table, I removed all filters and got all reqs but no of submissions not so accurate.

    I wonder if I did what you advised. sad

  • Hi AK,

    I also faced the issue of matching # Application as compare to my BO reports earlier, and this helped me to get the correct numbers in OBI reports. Hope this helps you also.

    How I did it -

    To get correct number of submissions as you see on Requisition -

     - please have "# Submissions" & "# Submission completed" both in your report columns. Then go to analysis view editor and hide "# Submissions" column. This will help you to avoid duplicate row for Reqs if any, and gives you the correct numbers if you more columns on candidate facts i.e. - # Submission new, # Submissions currently in review etc...


    To exclude deleted application/candidates -

    I used  - Job Submission / Submission General Info>Is Deleted in filters

           Is Deleted Equal To / Is In (No)


    To get correct number of Requisitions -

    just use this in filters -

               Submission is completed is equal to /is in Yes

    OR      Submission is completed is null 




  • A K
    A K ✭✭

    Thank you Sachin and Rachel.

    Oracle Support resolved this by using this formula.

    FILTER("Candidate Counts"."# Submissions Complete" USING "Candidate Identification"."Record Status" = 'AVAILABLE')  

    I used this formula below before and did not get the right answer but now, checking with this formula everything looks right.

    FILTER("Candidate Counts"."# Submissions Complete" USING ("Candidate Identification"."Record Status" = 'AVAILABLE'))

    I will keep monitoring it, I wonder what the difference is between both formulas.