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Pivot Table/Table Horizontal Layout



Adjusting the layout of a pivot table or table from vertical to horizontal


I need to change the layout of a sectioned Table from vertical to horizontal. Is this possible? My report includes 12 sections which are, by default, presented vertically. Ideally, I’d like to limit the total number of sections on each row, so my report would have four rows with three sections on each.

If this isn't possible on a Table, can a Pivot Table be formatted this way?

Any help would be appreciated!


  • Hello Andy,

    The options for these kinds of table formats are unfortunately very limited.   You can use a pivot table to emulate a horizontal-oriented table by populating the Y axis and a measure without anything on X-axis but this generally works with only very specific displays.

    I know of no option to make a standard table into horizontal-orientation in the current versions of OBI, so it may have to be posted as an enhancement request for a future development version.


    Thank you,

    -JF Carpentier