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Is there an Enhancement Request for BICS "exceeded configured maximum number of allowed input record



Our BICS users get this error message when trying to look at years worth of data. Our users have to run multiple reports now in BICS to get the results. In OBIEE they could run in 1 report.


We opened Oracle SR 3-13484125441 to ask if BICS would have same capability that OBIEE used to have where you could change configuration setting to allow more than 100,000 records.  The response from Oracle support was not very friendly and said that it is working as intended.  Is there an existing ER on this.  And if not, I would like to request an ER. 

Have other BICS users experienced this problem?  If so, how are you addressing it?



  • Hello Kim,

    The OBI limit implemented is indeed configured to 100,000 queried rows from the database.   This is measured by rows collected during query-and-seek as opposed to the number of rows displayed or collated for displayed results.  The more complex the design of a report, the faster this query limitation is reached, it is the intended behavior as per the official documentation for the OBI platform.

    The most efficient way to address this is to break down the time-range used in the report into more manageable chunks (as opposed to a year, run it twice for periods of six months), or to reduce the number of different tables/subject ares being requested or referenced in the report.  

    There have been enhancement requests in the idea lab for this in the past for both OTBI (ERP, Fusion, etc) as well as on the Taleo platform, while being considered; there has been no indication that a change in limitation is on the road map at this time.   An example is found here:

    If your organization is adamant about reporting on long time frames with large data volumes, you may have to consider stocking your information into a data warehouse, which will allow you to report with significantly larger limits defined by your organization.  


    If you had any followup questions, please let me know, and I'll clarify what I can for you!


    Thank you, and have a great day!


    -JF Carpentier
    Senior Business Intelligence Consultant
    [email protected]