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Reporting on Current Payroll Balances for a colleague i.e P60 Rate, Holiday Rates, Court Orders (oth



Payroll Reports or Fusion pages that display the individual colleagues current Balances



Is anybody aware of a method in which we can view a colleagues balances? We would like to find a solution to an on going problem around viewing an individuals Payroll Balance, whether it be the increasing P60 rate for the current year or current balances on Court Orders.

Any advice on reporting and viewing individual balances would be much appreciated,

Kind Regards,



  • Hi Bradley,

    I'm sure you have long since found the solution to this, but I just stumbled across your post so thought I'd post the response here for any users that come across the issue in future:

    1. In Navigator, select “Payroll Calculation” from the Payroll area
    2. In the “Payroll Calculation” area click the “Search Person” icon on the left
    3. Enter the “Effective As-of Date” appropriate for the pay-run you are interested in (alternatively you can leave this date at the default, and filter later on once you have the result-set)
    4. Enter the Person Number in the Keywords area on the “Search Person” page and click to search
    5. In the results list,  click the Actions drop-down button next to the person whose payroll details you wish to see, and select “View Process Results”
    6. At this point you can change the period you are searching by clicking the “Show Filters” link next to the Search Task textbox, and then amending the “Process Date between” settings that appear
    7. Once you are happy with the search, in the list of tasks that results, find the task you want (typically “Calculate Payroll”) , click the Action drop-down button next to it, and select “Balance Results”, “Costing Results”, or “Run Results” as desired.

    Best regards,