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Missing Name Infomration in Subject Area



Cannot find field for Preferred Name, Employee Salutation, etc


I cannot find the following fields in the worker or any other subject area.

Preferred Name, Employee Salutation, Employee Informal Salutation, Employee Formal Salutation (see screen print)

These fields are in the name area on the manage person screen.

Does anyone know which (if any) subject area these fields are available in?


  • Try - Workforce Management -  Person Real Time. 

  • Hi Thomas 

    The preferred name should be called 'Employee Known As' or 'Known As' in OTBI. This can be found under the 'Worker' folder. Also, are the Employee Saluation fields custom (flex-fields)? We don't appear to have them, nor do I have them on the database mappings. 

    If they're not on the subject area that Abul stated then you may want to ask your configuration partner or IT Infrastructure team to run the process that pushes flex-fields to OTBI. 

  • I have found the names I was looking for.  Here is the path:

    Oracle BI~New Analysis~Workforce Management-Person Realtime~Person Names~Person Name Information

    Under this folder there are fields for "Person Name Information 01" up to "Person Name Information 30".

    The information I was looking for was in "Person Name Infomration 15" and "Person Name Information 17"

  • Great - thank you for sharing this.