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Conitional Formatting is not working properly


I have created a report to help our teams identify at risk background checks.  The report uses OBI conditional formatting to change the background to red the data meets certain criteria.  For example, if the candidates does not consent to having their background check run, the field would be bold and highlighted redThe issue:  Not all fields that meet the criteria are changing.  Does anyone know why this would happen?  Or how to fix?    I have attached both an exported excel version of copy of the report, and an archived version of OBI file. Additionally, there is an image I added to show the discrepancy (note:  not all no's within the selected field are changing to red).

Any help/guidance that can be provided is greatly appreciated.




  • Prudence K
    Prudence K ✭✭✭✭

    Tristan - I am not sure if this is live data or staging data, but if this is live data, I strongly recommend you remove the Excel attachment as you are including personally identifiable information (including criminal background check pass/fail).

    I cannot say why the conditional formatting is not working to highlight NO for those few rows. Do you candidates have multiple background check consents on file?  Maybe you need to do it by Submission ID?

  • RichardChan
    RichardChan ✭✭✭✭

    You may have a conflicting rule somewhere or the data doesn't actually pass the check, do you have spaces instead of NULLs for example, I agree with Prudence, putting personally identifiable data out in thge public domain is a big no no and you are potentially open to legal issues, sanitise your data first