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R13.19C Introducing OTBI Metadata Independent Mode Using BI Cloud Connector (BICC)



Opt in to use the OTBI Metadata Independent Extract Mode in BICC introduced in R13.19C.


What is the Change?

Starting in Release 13.19C, BICC will no longer be dependent on the OTBI metadata repository, and the extract mode by default will use the OTBI metadata independent mode. Data Stores (or BIVOs) can be extracted independent of OTBI Metadata (RPD). The new BIVOs introduced in future releases of Oracle Applications Cloud will use OTBI metadata independent mode. The new mode eliminates the dependency on the existence of a BIVO in the OTBI metadata.

How to Opt In to use the OTBI Metadata Independent Mode for Extraction?

Refer to the attached document for detailed steps to opt in.

Future Product Direction

The OTBI metadata (RPD) dependent mode is going to be deprecated in Release 20C. Oracle Development strongly recommends that you switch your BICC extracts to use OTBI metadata independent mode by 20C. Refer to the attached document for more detailed information.  If you have further questions, contact Oracle Support.