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Get privilege to issue logical SQL in OTBI

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As a developer i need to "Issue SQL" /analytics/saw.dll?issuerawsql to query using logical sql metadata repository database (rpd) with log level 2 then view log for diagnostics like physical sql



Does anyone know if in Oracle Cloud Application, we are oracle cloud application 19B( with oracle business intelligence 11g (, does a role exist that has been granted privilege "Admin:General"/"Issue SQL Directly" by person with bi administration privileges who went to the Administration menu then the page "Manage Privileges" to assign that privilege to a role. Our development team who are writing extensions using oracle transaction business intelligence (OTBI) real time subject areas, to be productive, need the ability to issue logical sql, view results with the log level set > 0, then view the log file with rich diagnostics like timings and row counts and the actual physical sql. To achieve this on onpremise projects the administrator had granted the above role to developers. We assume that the bi administrator role is not allowed to be granted in cloud therefore we can not set this up ourselves. In Navigator/Tools/Security Console I have assigned the following roles "BI Consumer Role", "BI Platform Author Role", "BI Publisher Data Model" and even "BI Platform Repository Manager" and "Business Intelligence Content Administrator" but none of these give me the "Administration" menu in /analytis/ nor the ability just to go to "issue sql" saw.dll?issuerawsql or even "Manage Sessions" saw.dll?sessions. Thanks, Nathan  


oracle cloud application 19B( with oracle business intelligence 11g (

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  • Nathan CCC
    Nathan CCC ✭✭✭✭✭


    I found a solution. The BIAdministrator role did in fact exist so using security console i could grant it following my oracle support article "Oracle Fusion BI: How to Add the BI Administrator Role to a user in Release 12 and higher." (Doc ID 2238277.1). Repeating my test case In browser go to /analytics/saw.dll?issuerawsql - it is a success, i hit the page, rather than fail, the system throwing an error regards i do not have authorisation. Note I did not get access to the Administration menu at the top right to manage privileges but at least I can get to the page we needed. Problem solved. 

  • Nathan CCC
    Nathan CCC ✭✭✭✭✭

    FYI If i select my Display Name in top right then "My Account" then "Roles and Catalog Groups" i can confirm i have "BI Administrator Role" however I think the reason "Administration" menu is not displayed as one might expect is because in "Manage Privileges" /analytics/saw.dll?privilegeadmin that privilege "Home and Header"/"Access Administration Menu" is set to "Denied: Authenticated User" (so no one is allowed access not even the administrator)