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Building BOM using analysis



How to build a hierarchical BOM analysis showing on-hand quantity and item cost all for components in all levels


In OBIEE, pre-built analysis "BOM" and "Where Used" did not produce any results, thereby is there a way to manually built a BOM analysis? 

The output information will need to undergo further processing, so Schedule Report function in Oracle Cloud (Fusion) is not an option because information doesn't get output in excel or .cvs formats.

The analysis would need to include the following information:
• Finished product Item Name
• Finished product on-hand quantity
• Finished product ordered (sold) quantity
• Components (For all levels) Item Name
• Components on-hand quantity
• Components cost

I do not have access to Report building function in OBIEE, thus building a BOM Report is also not a feasible option in my case.

Thank you.


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  • I'm not quite sure that I follow what your output from this is to be. You want to build an OBIEe analysis but you don't have access to OBIEE neither do you have access to Fusion. How do you intend to build this analysis?

  • Hello Joel,

    Thanks for reaching out promptly.

    I have access to OBIEE and I am able to create Analysis; I also have access to Fusion.  However my limits are as follows:
    1) I am not given access to create Report in OBIEE.
    2) In OBIEE's pre-built analyzes "Costed BOM" and "Where Used" (both located in folder "/Supply Chain Management/Cost Management/Transactional Analysis Samples/Report Components"), when executed they do not output any information/data.
    3) In Fusion, the "Scheduled Processes" function does not suffice for my need because the process does not export information/data in excel or csv formats. 

    Thereby I want to find out how to build a BOM analysis from scratch in OBIEE.  So far I have only been able to build an analysis showing component data at one level below the finished/assembled products.  I got the component name to show up by including "Material Item Name" dimension from "Manufacturing - Material Usage Real Time" subject area into the analysis.  Enclosed screenshot showing the analysis setup for your reference.  However I have yet find a way to show component data from lower level (e.g. 2 levels below the finished/assembled product).

    Do you know which dimensions should be included in an OBIEE analysis so it shows data for lower levels components?

    Thank you.


    Screenshot Template.png