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Hidden fields in OTBI



Need to find fields selected as 'Hide' as system default in column properties


We have recently had an issue where one of our users has hidden a couple fields under the column properties in an analysis and saved it as the default.  We have since removed the ability to save as default from any users.

We came upon this error when I was running a report and one of my fields was missing.  We have found two fields that were hidden so far.  Is there a way to find all fields that might have been hidden?




  • Hi Ruthie,

       You can see the selected fields under CRITERIA tab, which will show all the fields even it is hidden. Please try the same and let me know if that helps.
    Open the report > click on EDIT > select criteria tab > you should be able to see all fields.

    Thank You,
    Dimple Nagesh

  • Hi Ruth,

     Did you try this and it helped?

    Thank You,
    Dimple Nagesh

  • Ruthie
    Ruthie ✭✭✭

    Yes I realize you can click on the criteria tab to see all of the fields, that's how I got to the point of the field not being there when run.  I could see it in the criteria but not on the report.  I want to be able to identify ANY fields in OTBI that have been hidden by any of the users and saved as system default.

  • Hi Ruth,

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  • Nathan CCC
    Nathan CCC ✭✭✭✭✭

    Ruth, I know that the system defaults are stored as a fragment of xml in the catalog. That is how we have found and corrected this type of mistake in the past on premise. That was read using a text editor as the software owner user on the application server therefore not sure how you read it on cloud. It is in system folders outside of shared folders so am not aware you can read it online. Off the top of my head it is in /system/metadata/ but i may be wrong on that. I would raise a ticket to ask oracle to send you an zip of that folder or the whole catalog if not sure so you can unzip on your c drive and read using notepad. Then create an adhoc analysis for each problem column to fix the issue as an administrator who still has the privilege to save system wide defaults. Regards, Nathan