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1z0-591 OBIEE Certification

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Need assistance on preparation of 1z0-591 OBIEE exam


Hi Experts,

The course is all about 12 C and the exam is for 11 g.So can anyone help me how to prepare for this exam.





  • Hi Priscilla,

    This exam is due to retire in July and it's based on Oracle's older technology - I wouldn't recommend taking this unless your employer/client is asking for it. OBIEE has been replaced by Oracle's new Analytics offering (Oracle Analytics Cloud + Oracle Analytics Server (on-prem)). Look at exam topics for 1Z0-1041, which is based on Oracle Analytics and encompasses everything in 1Z0-591 + more (Essbase, Dimensional Modelling, Spatial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc.). The new Oracle Analytics exam for 2020 is due to be released in the next few weeks, so my advice would be to start on the learning path for 1Z0-1041 then switch over to the learning path for the new exam when it's released.

    Any new implementations going forward will most likely be either Analytics Cloud or Analytics Server. OBIA also has a new alternative called OAX (Oracle Analytics for Applications), which consists of pre-built data pipelines from Fusion Applications and builds out a schema in the ADW; I wouldn't be surprised if the new 2020 exam for Oracle Analytics has some touch-points on the OAX offering.




  • Thanks Aaron!

    Yeah we have to complete it by May 2020 as per employer.I started preparing and found bit strange on the version.

    Thanks much for your response and I will start checking  on 1Z0-1041.

    Please help me if you have any test papers for it.