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set metric alert for dashboard or analysis (Fusion OTBI)

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I have a question regarding metric alert or email notification,

let suppose there is KPI for total sales MTD (1M), I want to add a condition to alert the users if this KPI became greater than 1M 

Can I apply this scenario using Agent ? or can I find an option that may help in the dashboard or Analysis


  • I'm always careful with OTBI since it's not "real" Oracle Analytics but a baked-in, black-boxed version, but the normal approach is this:

    - Create a Condition (object type) which evaluates to true or false for your measure

    - Create an Agent to deliver the alert which you schedule to run once per hour for example (or however often your data changes)

    - In that Agent, go to the Conditions tab and choose "Use a condition" and select the condition you've created

    That will run the Agent once per hour and check whether the threshold has been reached.

  • Thank you that was what I needed!