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Can we do all sort of reporting with otbi or do we need bi publisher for customizable reporting


  • You can do all sort of reporting with OTBI , but if the columns are not available in the subject area then  you can use BI Publisher for reporting.

  • rajArun
    rajArun ✭✭✭✭

    OTBI is a powerful tool. Most of the reporting needs can be met by OTBI. Keep in mind that it is not meant for high volume reporting. If your report has millions of rows then BI Publisher is the better tool in that case. You can take a look at this tutorial

  • Hi Amit,

    We can do the Analytics level of reporting using OTBI tools, but in OTBI you can only develop the analytics using Subject area columns.

    Its have many advantages and Disadvantages.

    For Example, OTBI Advantages :

    1. You can easily find the Column and Joints In the subject area and Develop the analysis. 
    2. Using Drill Down Functionality you can easily filter your data, pass the Parameter from one Dashboard & analysis it to Another. 
    3. Using the graph and pivot table functionality you can develop Analytics type of reports and Filter the data by clicking and Prompt and Filter Condition.
    4. OTBI already has many pre-function, using that function you can easily perform and filter your data.

    OTBI Disadvantages:

    1. You have a limitation to cannot add a new column in the subject area. you have the limitation that you only use that column that is available in the subject area.
    2. You can not burst OTBI report On FTP and UCM or Content Server.
    3. You can not develop Letter type reports in OTBI
    4. you cannot perform high-Level Calculation / Custom Tags / Header footer Rotation in OTBI Analysis.

    There are many Advantages & Disadvantages is there in OTBI Reporting, it totally depends on your requirment.

    Please find the Below Post Link, In this, you can easily find the Limitation of OTBI reports.



  • Nathan CCC
    Nathan CCC ✭✭✭✭✭


    Actually you get BOTH analytics and reports (publisher) as part of OTBI. OTBI is what you get with an Oracle Cloud Application. You get he platform Oracle Business Intelligence ( plus the metadata repository database (RPD) with the real time subject areas on top of the application database tables and views. So it comes with both Answers and Dashboard (blue) (analytrcs) AND Reports and Data Models (yellow) (publisher). So you can do both! Not a problem. You can build analysis and prompts and dashboards using the subject areas OR you can build reports using data models that physical query the application database tables and views and/or logical query the subject areas. So you can use OTBI to burst a report to UCM. The only thing you cannot do is use OTBI to read data from some third party database outside of your applications. It is true that you do not have any administration access to change the subject areas (just enhancement requests to oracle to ask for extra columns!).  

  • thanks for your response.

  • Hi

    In OTBI , We can create Analysis based on the predefined Subject Area which provide solution for certain Scenario and queries.

    For Example

    Workforce Management - Worker Assignment Real Time

    Business Questions

    This subject area can answer the following business questions:

     What are the various reasons for worker terminations under both voluntary and involuntary categories?

    What is an employee's assignment history in the chronological order?

    What is the count of transfers into a Business Unit or Department?

    What is the headcount of terminations by categories such as voluntary and involuntary?

    What are the Hire, rehire, transfer, termination counts by Business Unit, Department, Location, Manager etc?

     What is the count of terminations by various termination reasons?

    In BI Publisher we can create a Custom SQL based on the Business Requirement. We can use the standard Table in FUSION schema. Different kind of templates are supported in BI Publisher .

    In BI Publisher different delivery option is available (FTP, Email, Printer )


    Arghyo Banerjee