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How to run an OTBI Analysis and save output without having it delivered



How to run an OTBI Analysis and save output without having it delivered


Currently in Schedule option of of OTBI analysis , there is option to deliver to e-mail only.

But is there any way we can refer output files with in oracle cloud similar to BIP reports.

For BIP report job we have the option to send output to  content server and check the output in report job history.

Same is not the case with OTBI analysis. Any inputs are highly appreciated.


  • Hi Shivaji,

    After creating the analysis we can go to Results Tab and click on the button highlighted to export the analysis in Excel/PDF or desired output format.

    Please find attached snapshot for the details to export the analysis.



    Results for OTBI.PNG

  • Hi Swapnil ,
    I am looking for automated option
    to deliver the output to content server.
    In Bi publisher report job scheduling we have the option
    to choose delivery option as content server


  • Hi Shivaji,

    You can create BI Report based on the OTBI DataModel  - you can perform the schedule (kind of an alternative approach).



  • THanks Sreedhar,

    Seems this is the shortest workaround possible.

    Would have been great of there is direct solution.

    We conveyed to customer that OTBI is meant for end user reporting creation but again for scheduled output repository we have to come to BI publisher.

  • Currently, there is no delivery option to send otbi analysis to content server.  You can certainly raise a suggest over on the idea lab.

  • In OTBI , if the report need to be viewed without any delivery then ,Click on the Open Option (which allows to view the report in online) and it can be exported into exported format (Excel, CSV, etc )

    There is no such Repository present in OTBI as the Report Job History Page in BI Publisher.

    In case if the motive is to extract data then BICC (Oracle BI Cloud Connector Console) can be used , delivery in UCM is possible

    If the motive is reporting then BI publisher can be used , In which Data model can be created based on Analysis and Interactive Template can be created (almost similar to OTBI ) and can be scheduled to required Delivery Option





  • Hi Shivaji,

    I'm also looking at ways to utilize the scheduling options for OTBI Analysis and Interactive Reporting.  I'm currently using the delivered email option where I've already developed a process through Excel Power Query Editor to pull the reports out of my inbox and transform the data and create trending from multiple reports, which only takes about 30 seconds from a simple excel refresh.  I'm also exploring code where Outlook can extract an attachment and deliver to a specific directory as well.

    We do have a process in place already with BI Publisher to create and schedule reports, but nothing directly from OTBI Analysis and Reporting.

  • Thank you all for prompt responses