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Data Security required for users to view data on subject area Procurement - Requisitions Real Time


Summary: When our users try to run reports created using the subject area 'Procurement - Requisitions Real Time' they return no data.

Content (required): We have provided all users a custom role which includes the duty role 'Purchase Requisitions Transaction Analysis Duty' and has the following data security policies. Can anyone help with what we need to add to allow users to view data on reports.

Policy Name Policy Description Data Resource Privilege

Grant on Requisition Requisition Header View Requisition Analysis; Read; All values

Grant on Requisition Requisition Line View Requisition Analysis; Read; All values

Requisition View Workers Public Person Report Public Person; HCM:PER:PER_PERSONS:HES View All Workers



  • Hi K Fortune,

    Does the user has the required job role from the below ?

    Job Roles

    The following job roles secure access to this subject area:


      Procurement Contract Administrator

      Procurement Manager

      Purchase Analysis

    No Results When Pulling Requisitions from Procurement Requisition Real Time (Doc ID 2664766.1)


    Praveen Akkala (Oracle - Fusion BI Support)

  • Hello @K Fortune ,

    I understand you are asking a question regarding a Security Issue

    Please debug the issue in the following manner :

    1) Ensure the user has the required Job Roles and Duty Roles which provide access to the Data in the Subject Area 'Procurement - Requisitions Real Time'

    2) If the required Job Roles are already assigned to the user then you need to review the Data Access provided to the user, you may also need to review Data Roles provided to the user(If any) and ensure that the Security Profile is set appropriately

    3) Ensure that after making changes in step 1 and 2, you run the following Scheduled Process : Import User and Role Application Security Data

    4) If the issue still remains despite following the 3 points, please generate NQ Log for the analysis and check if there is a '1=2' condition in the Log, here is how you can generate the log : How to set up and access the nqquery.log to troubleshoot a single OTBI or OBIA query (Doc ID 1469168.1)

    The presence of 1=2 in the log would indicate that the security setup for the user running the analysis is what's causing the data to be restricted or filtered out.

    If my response has answered your question or assisted you with your concern, please click "yes" below to accept the answer or comment with any additional queries. You can also read the Cloud Customer Connect Guidelines for Accepted Answer


    Gaurav Bharadwaj

    Principal Software Engineer

  • Nathan CCC
    Nathan CCC ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi, If a user can use an analysis from a subject area, the query does execute, it successfully returns zero rows no data found, without throwing a database connection error, then the user must have been granted the correct role. Job roles do not give you data access. If you look at the physical query in the session log assume you will see that the system has added where clauses to your query based on your data access setup regards the data security policies inside the job role(s) you have been granted for this subject area. So the solution is that you need to setup data access.

    For example, As the administrator responsible for setup of roles and data access to setup a user with for example role Category Manager to view all purchase orders in business unit X...

    Select Navigator, select Show More, in My Enterprise select work area Setup and Maintenance. Select offering Procurement, select functional area Procurement Foundation, select Show All Tasks, select task Manage Procurement Agents. Select Create, select user as Agent and Procurement Business Unit, select true or false for each data object if required with level of access to other agents documents as None, View, Full. For example , Manage Purchase Orders, allowed True, access to other agents documents View.

    Select Tasks, search and select task Manage Data Access for Users, select users with data access, enter user name, select Search. Select Create, for user with role that gives access to this subject area, select security context such as Business Unit, select value for example, Business Unit X.

    For more information see

    Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

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