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Project Commitments Real Time - need current open PO balance by project OTBI analysis

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I am looking for a column for current open PO balance by project. I am currently using the "Project Costing - Commitments Real Time"."- Purchase Order Measures"."Purchase Order Committed Cost" but that appears to be overstated by a bit when we compare it to the actual PO remaining balances for a project.

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It appears that the columns I have tried so far are not showing the actual open PO balances for the project.

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  • Rich Merkel
    Rich Merkel ✭✭✭✭


    Most likely from project side, it includes the "Burden" Amount.

    If you look at the PO from main inquiry screen, you would have to look at budgetary control area to see the amount reserved for burden on project.

    So for example if project have 55% multiple, a PO for $1 would also have $.55 cents added for burden amount. Hope this helps.

    Also make sure you have set currency/etc for your institution (under my account, default settings for currency). Just in case you have another currency set as default in BI vs looking at "Manage Committed Costs"

  • @Rich Merkel how would I check the burdening % for the project? For this project it should be 0% so I’m not sure why the balance is slightly higher than remaining PO (PO remaining is 1.64 million and report shows 1.67 million).

  • Rich Merkel
    Rich Merkel ✭✭✭✭


    Under projects (same area as manage project costs), looks at "Managed Committed Costs"

    search by project # to view the commitments

    Looks at both Raw Cost and Burdened cost. If there is a bigger amount in burdened cost, that includes the burden amount.

    You also may need to look from the award side, sometimes there is an override multiple from award to project. That is under Manage Awards, search for the award first, -> View, then in 2nd tab for projects. You'll see the multiplier setup for the award, but keep in mind rate can also be overridden by project.

    Also double check the award setup itself

  • Rich Merkel
    Rich Merkel ✭✭✭✭

    Just realized, I think you should try a different measure in your query

    "- Commitment Cost Measures"."Total Committed Cost"

    (In commitment cost measures folder)

    I think that is actually the issue :)

  • @Rich Merkel thanks yes we started with total committed costs but that is the total for all POs and doesn’t take into account the spend down.

    i checked and the amounts for burdened and non-burdened are the same in the manage project costs screen.

  • Rich Merkel
    Rich Merkel ✭✭✭✭


    Total committed costs should give you the balance including the spend down. That should match what you see in manage committed costs screen. Each time invoice comes in against PO, the total committed cost should be reduced as each comes in. Once fully invoiced, or po finally closed it will disappear from manage committed costs and balance will no longer exist.

    The subject area you are using should match front end screen and is real-time. The balance remaining should be calculated as Open Quantity * Price. As each invoice comes in and matched by quantity against the PO, the quantity is reduce and should see subsequent reduction within the query/manage committed costs.

    Hope this helps!

  • Rich Merkel
    Rich Merkel ✭✭✭✭

    also going to attach archive for otbi analysis that we having been using for 5+ years without issue. You may need to tweak a bit for your needs, but this has been able to supply matching/accurate info.

  • Thanks @Rich Merkel. Can you confirm how to check PO balances in Manage Project Costs? I only see a source of Payables in the Manage Project Cost work area, so I am trying to sort out what the balance should be as the numbers are different in my OTBI analysis. I'll download and take a look at the report you uploaded as well.

  • Rich Merkel
    Rich Merkel ✭✭✭✭


    From the manage project cost area, click on "Tasks" on right hand side, then select "Manage Committed Costs"

    In that screen use the "Project Name" use the drop down arrow, then click search, it will also pop up and allow you to search by the project number. Then click search to return the results. What you see in here will match the same values in the query provided earlier.

    Good Luck!