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Expose Custom Lookup and Value Sets in Subject Area



Often there are needs to enrich reports and analytics utilizing custom lookups and value sets. As custom lookups and value sets are not available in any subject area for use standalone (with exception of value sets used for DFF definition), developers are forced to create data model based reports to meet business requirements, thus loosing lot of features offered through Analysis and Dashboard. If all Lookup and Value Set values are exposed through a simple subject area, then we can utilize a cross-subject area analysis to enrich user experience.

Use Case and Business Need

Use cases for custom lookups and value sets are unlimited, a simple scenario is to contain reference data against master setup or transactional data where no seeded configuration can store the reference data. For reporting purpose a simple join is required with the lookup or value set tables, however that is no longer possible in BI Analysis.

More details

Product does not meet the requirement as SQL based Analysis are no longer supported. Physical query can be utilized to query the view objects in limited scenarios where lookup/value set data can be pushed to WHERE condition, but the values can never be rendered in Analysis.

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  • Hi Oracle Colleauges,

    We have the same need for our reporting requirements. This feature will simplify our reports and we will not need to do funky workarounds to achieve our reporting goals.

    Hope Oracle can deliver this.

  • Rich Merkel
    Rich Merkel ✭✭✭✭

    this would be very helpful

  • Organization: JCI Inc,

    Business Use: Have a defined Zip Code for the Branch, Sales Area, and Regional Hierarchy. This hierarchy is maintained in the custom lookup. The sales hierarchy should be added to the OTBI reports.

    However, unless we convert these OTBI reports to BIP, the AR reports can't have the Sales hierarchy.

    Ask: Need subject area for the lookups to derive the details