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In which subject area can we find the "N-BOX Assignment rating (NBOX) in FAW(HCM)?

Accepted answer

Checked the following subject areas in FAW- HCM-Talent Review Meetings, HCM - Talent Profile. In HCM OTBI subject area, 'Workforce profile- Person Profile Real Time>Person Profile>Box Assignment' and 'Box Assignment View Name'.


Best Answers

  • ArunaMalla
    ArunaMalla ✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    what challenges you faced with the 3 relevant subject areas you considered? please elaborate your requirement, to let us assist you with the correct fields and subject areas; if its not possible, we can tell you which BI tables to use.

  • Melody Herbert
    Answer ✓

    We are able to use the Workforce Profiles - Person Profile Real Time subject area to extract the Box Assignment. Thank you.