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Inclusion of Preview features into OAS yearly release (like for example Semantic Modeler)


Within new yearly release of OAS (2023 or 7.0) features, which are in OAC in Preview mode:

Semantic Modeler

Excel Export

Generic REST Connector

are not included. As we learned the reason is, that in OAC those features are updated in 2 months cycles, which would not be possible for OAS.

But generally, this is something we could live with - simply saying is better to have something (just for exploration/testing purposes, not for production usage - admin still have the option to turn in on/off on particular environment in Console) then nothing. This is especially the case for Semantic Modeler, where having the chance to "touch it" and play with it (and provide then feedback to Product Mgmt, what we are missing in Semantic Modeler and have a chance to "influence" direction, where Semantic Modeler is heading) would be really very useful (then waiting for "final version").

So, pls, consider this for OAS.

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This is in respect to Preview in OAS, not related to GA Semantic Modeler in OAS.


  • Thank you for posting this idea Michal and sharing your feedback. It will be analyzed by the product management team.

  • Hi Michael,

    Preview features are features that are at a quality level that can be used by customers within certain functionality limits but have not yet reached their MVP state and are not ready to be enabled by default. In OAC, given the update frequency and our ability to push fixes (in some cases mandatory fixes) to the fleet, we can manage such features throughout the year. We do not have the same ability in OAS and therefore we will not provide preview features for on-prem deployments.

    One key difference from other tools is our definition of Preview. OAC preview features are fully supported and are allowed to be used in production within their functional limits. Unlike other tools who provides on-prem/desktop preview features under the definition of still in development, not supported under the product support policy, and not for production use.

    Both approaches are valid, we choose not to create confusion in respect to supportability and production use as in most cases the consuming user might not be the one who enabled it in the console and he/she might not be aware that they are using a preview feature.



  • Hi I am using OAS 2024, when I created (imported) semantic model from RPD file the semantic modeler option disappeared. I have used a few minutes ago to convert the RPD to Semantic model, how did this disappear? Any advice is highly appreciated.

  • @User_WYDQH Its very old thread. Please create new post so that it will be easy for you to get answer

  • @Prabhuram-Oracle , Thanks for letting me know, could you please give me the correct link if possible?

  • @User_WYDQH
    How To Create An Enhancement Request In Idea Lab For Oracle Analytics (Doc ID 2662737.1)