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Treating the FTE as an attribute

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Is there a way to use the FTE value as an attribute?

We want to determine if a worker is full-time or part-time based off the FTE value. When its stored as a measure it's aggregating the amount which isn't the behavior I need.

Has someone else solved this?

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  • ArunaMalla
    ArunaMalla ✭✭✭

    did you try using the "treat it as attribute" feature on this particular column? whenever you drag and drop a measure column, OTBI shows "treat it as a attribute" option. selecting it resolves your issue.

    if not please provide your analysis query ( from analysis tab). will try to resolve it locally in my system.

  • Rob F
    Rob F ✭✭✭


    Unfortunately, adding "Treat it as attribute" didn't work.

    I've attached the catalog file with as simple of an analysis as I can think of for this.

    This should be trying to show "Full Time/Part Time" By Grade. Full Time/Part Time being calculated where if the value is = 1 then "Full Time", if it's between 0 and 1 then "Part Time" else "blank".

    The table results are showing everything as blank, likely because it's aggregating the FTE amount by the grade despite the checkbox for "Treat it as attribute" being checked.

    I'm open to any insights on how to achieve this.

    We're actually using it in a column selector which could make it more complicated but I'll start simple and work my way up to that.