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Write Back in OBIEE 12C throws an error An error occurred while writing to the server. Please check

Received Response

OBIEE Version:

We have our writeback working previously but suddenly it is throwing the below error :

I had my .xml file as below:

& My instanceconfig.xml as below:

& I had my writeback enabled in RPD:

& My logs doesn't show any details about the error

Please help me in resolving the error


  • Madasamy -Oracle
    Madasamy -Oracle ✭✭✭✭✭

    OBIEE 122120 is out of error correction support and pretty old. We recommend you to consider upgrading your systems

    Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) Error Correction Support (Doc ID 1664916.1)

    Oracle Analytics Server Error Correction Support Policy and Dates (Doc ID 2775561.1)

    For this writeback issues, i'd recommend the below

    1. Increase the loglevel for OBIPS and OBIS to TRACE, and do a restart , check the sawlog* and the obis1-diag logs
    2. And then you may need to verify the templates that has been used and the way writeback is configured using the below doc

    Ensure that the query you used in the template works fine standalone on sqldev.

    Other inputs are welcomed!