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DV Parameter values refresh (OAS) - just at the workbook opening ?

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I have a question (I guess it should be targeted to Product Development/Mgmt):

When I define for DV parameter possible values/inital value via Logical SQL, when those logical SQL are executed (thus possible/initial values for parameter are populated) ?

A) Are they just executed once during DV workbook opening (thus only once when working with DV workbook) ?


B) Are they executed also when I perform data refresh in DV workbook (which would be preferred option, since data for logical SQL could change in the meantime while staying in workbook) ?

My observation is that option A is valid, but I want to be sure, that this is made "by design".

When I receive confirmation for my assumption, I will most probably create Idea for refreshing possible values/inital value for parameter when doing data refresh in DV workbook.

Thanks and regards



Best Answer

  • Hi Michal,

    My apologies. I thought i had submitted my response but apparently not.

    I have discussed & confirmed that workbook data refresh does NOT reset the parameter values (initial, available), but in general agreement that we should.

    I have a backlog story created and will prioritize, once we have delivered our current commitments on parameters.

    (Current workaround in the interim is a browser refresh).

    Thanks, for the feedback.