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Improvement of refresh button for multiple BI caches, especially CSV download


Oracle Analytics Server (old: OBIEE) creates some BI caches.

If a user want to refresh the screen data and export data, need to press "refresh" button (bottom of views object).

But about CSV export data could not reflect the real-time data anymore. 

Originally, "refresh" button press just 1time, then cache data shoud be updated (for display screen , and CSV export, all case).

So, we would like you to improve this refresh function.

<Steps to reproduce>

#1. BI Logical query sometimes contains the REPORT_AGGREGATE function depends on BI repository design, and it makes that the BI cache includes REPORT_AGGREGATE. 

#2. However, in CSV download, it can not need the REPORT_AGGREGATE function. So, when a user executes exports, BI process creates other cache file( in this total is 2 type caches).

#3. This user wants to obtain real-time data, then try to press "refresh" button. And obtain new data from screen(#1.cache only for screen), but it can not reflect for CSV export cache(#2).

note: If BI cache (for screen) did not include REPORT_AGGREGATE function, cache for CSV export is also same content. It means only 1 cache is existed, and refresh button works fine.


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