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Parameters' transfering in BI Answers


Hi all,

I've got a question and will be very grateful if anyone could help me with it.

There are several reports which are linked each other by 'drill out' connections, and with parameters passed between these reports. Every of that reports based on it's own tables (tables linked by keys, which are these mentioned parameters; so it's values can be substituted in query condition for every table).

And according to query logs, it turns out that when the 'low-level' report runs, parameters are substituted not in the table of these reports, but in more 'high-level' reports; ie selection conditions are realized by nested subqueries.

But such approach causes big problems with performance.

And my question is if is it possible to customize somehow the 'low-level' report so that passed parameters would be substituted into it's own table and would not be transferred in the form of nested subqueries to the top of the reports chain?

Thanks in advice.