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How to Custom Sort Months in OBIEE 12

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Hi All,

can you please tell me how to custom sort months in FY order Jul 23 - June 24, in Subject topic Statistic history and forecast.

Thank you in Advance.

kind regards,


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  • Hi Ashwik,

    Thanks for using Oracle Communities.

    Are you looking at Prompt level or report level sorting?

    Below are the some of the MOS docs -

    How To Create Custom Sort For Oracle Analytics Prompt (Doc ID 2936805.1)

    OTAC/TEE: How to Sort Character Months Chronologically (Doc ID 2117797.1)



  • In the RPD you generally set a sort column on the logical column you need. It's for example what you do with a column being just the month name to not sort it A-Z, you do set a sort column being the month number and this make the months to take their correct order.

    In your case you can do the same, because a fiscal calendar could be very different than the standard calendar, you do set the correct sort column for your months to make them sort the way they must be.

  • Hi. Ive read this thread and just need a little more help on the sorting of the month column into chronological order instead of alphabetical. Arjun provided the below but I assume I am to amend and replace, but how?

    My thinking if using January as an example. Is this anywhere near correct?

    WHEN ("TableHeading"."Month1"='JAN1' ) THEN '1'

    Below is the syntax -


    WHEN ("TableHeading"."ColumnName1"='Value1' ) THEN '1'

    WHEN ("TableHeading"."ColumnName2"='Value2' ) THEN '2'

    WHEN "TableHeading"."Column Name"='Value3' THEN '3'

    ELSE "TableHeading"."Column Name"