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Export Reports in Parquet File Format

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Is anyone aware of an ability to export data from OTBI or BI Publisher as a Parquet file format?

We have a need to be able to define an export via OTBI and/or BI Publisher and export the format of the data via Parquet format. The ideal situation is that the data types and structure of the data would be known at the time the Parquet file is created (since the source system knows what these fields are at the time we created the extract). This would eliminate the need for additional integration flows/ETL pipelines to be created just to copy/convert/infer a file into a parquet format and then have to re-define or infer the data types, etc in that process when the source system already knows this information. This would also reduce our logic and validation processes that need to be done when we ingest a file that might have various delimiters (i.e. Pipe, Comma, Tab, etc).