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Auto Insights for Subject Area


Allow users to have Auto Insights for Subject Area. Currently it's only available for Datasets.

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  • Doug Ross
    Doug Ross ✭✭✭✭

    Would you expect this to be set on a subject area basis? some of our subject areas have multi hundred million row fact tables which wouldn't seem to be good candidates.

  • @Doug Ross yes - I believe product development will have to provide some kind of fine grain permissions and ability to enable/disable based on the subject area, basically like the option we have for dataset.

  • Yes this functionality is needed to fully leverage tool.

  • ManishHathi
    ManishHathi ✭✭✭

    I think insights on subject area seems like a no-brainer functionality until you consider that the underlying data volume could be huge as someone mentioned earlier. But the platform could provide some configuration options where you could enter say profile 5K rows per table involved for Fact tables, but I can see how this can get messy.

  • Federico Venturin
    Federico Venturin ✭✭✭✭✭

    Subject areas are tipically designed to help people answering questions that they already know (no need for serendipity imo) and the amount of data is generally way bigger than datasets. Having auto insights applied to a whole subject area will surely lead to performance issue and people complaining about it.

    As an alternative, you can already create a dataset based on a subject area and get auto insights for it. If you find something useful, you can add the insight/visualization to the workbook and eventually replace the dataset with the original subject area.

  • Frederico - I understand your alternative - create a dataset from a subject area, get an auto insights from it then rewrite these against original subject area. Wouldn’t it be nice though if I could get a computer to do all that leg work….
    Clearly Select * from subject area isn’t possible. But selecting individual measures and getting insights on these by available dimensions is what is needed.