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Ability to set sorting on alternative column in DV/data sets (based on attribute column)

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We need to have similar capability to define alternative sorting column for column in data set - eg. sorting name by corresponding code for dimension.

Basically have the same ability in data sets to define sort column for attribute column as we can define "sort order column" property for logical column in BMM in metadata/semantic model.

This is really very much missing for "self-service" capability , switching to metadata/semantic model is not an option.

The other (but not that prefered option/solution, but still kind of acceptable solution) for that requirement would be following solution:

Allow in DV workbook in vizualization within "Sort By" --> Custom menu option, where you can define custom sorting, the option to sort attribute column by another column (but again attribute column, not a measure column - which is current option).

To fulfill this requrment is really important for our DV users, so I hope, this Idea will be evaluted (and put into plan for implementation).

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