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How to archive whole catalog (Shared and Users)?

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With an administrator role, I would like to archive the whole analytics catalog to backup all Analytic Objects (even the objects in users folders). During P2T or when a user is making mistakes, we would like to have some backups to restore a previous version as it was possible in OBIEE.

How can we do this backup? Is there some web services to achieve it?


  • RichardChan
    RichardChan ✭✭✭✭

    Have you looked at the Catalog Manager client?

    From a command line

    [DOMAIN_HOME]/bitools/bin/ ssi <Bar file name>.bar encryptionpassword=<password>

  • Thanks for your update! I tried but it seems that Catalog Manager Client is not available in OTBI (Oracle Fusion SaaS).

    I found a note confirming this analysis: Is There A Way To Export The Catalog Contents Of OTBI such as Catalog Manager? (Doc ID 2261453.1)

  • Nathan CCC
    Nathan CCC ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Vincent,

    Oracle Transaction Business Intelligence (OTBI) actually IS the exact same product as Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) (suite Enterprise Edition EE). But because it is hosted by oracle in your in your Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications as a SaaS on the cloud then yes you as the tenant do NOT have access to the command line on the application server as a system administrator.

    In the catalog if you select My Folders then switch from User View to Admin View then it jumps up one folder to the folder Catalog Root with 3 sub folders for Shared, Users and hidden folder System. Inside User Folders you can now see each users My Folders as a folder with the user name.

    On here you can select User Folders then Archive (but you cant do it for an individual user for some reason). In this view you can not see any files in the user folders. They appear empty. But I have never tried to archive unarchive this folder. Give it a go then let us know? No idea if that will work.

    Yes you might be able to do this with web services. Here is the WSDL /analytics/saw.dll?wsdl

    As an alternative workaround what we have done as a development team is to have a non production environment only shared custom folder called something like "zzz Work In Progress", then each user has a "user folder" in here, that way you can work on stuff, back it up using archive, and also peer review each others work, but it is expected that you respect each others shared users folders as read only.