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Add a quick and fast SQL Editor/Developer Feature


Oracle Analytics is allowing to create a dataset and then add a manual query using SQL. (See screenshot below)

A large number of users & customers are requesting to have a feature allowing to do a quick SQL similar to TOAD or SQL Developer.

The current process is taking 5 clicks to access the manual query but users don't necessarily want to create a dataset, they just want to run quick queries.

Therefore, the idea would be to offer an easy and faster way to run a SQL query via an editor, maybe via the "Create" button on the homepage.

The query could be saved and use to be imported in a data flow or dataset.

Then based on the below screenshot, the important part would be the SQL Statement and the button to run, pause, stop a query and see the tables, with ability to have tabs. (See second screenshot)

The original idea request to be pushed to the idea lab was provided by AT&T.

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