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Add Writeback Feature to DV


In classic, the writeback feature is very useful in collecting inputs from users and bridging the gap between bi tools and full blow apex or java apps that require a lot of development.

Would love to see the writeback feature added to DV. it will be especially useful for distributed BI cases like at oracle with SI-DV, where the average dv developer does not have RPD or admin access to build classic views and enable writeback.

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  • I voted. An easy way, at a minimum, to write back to the dataset in a pivot table would be good.

  • This seems like a valuable feature. I am interested in hearing more about the use case here, as we do have a version of database writeback offered in OAC Data Flows.

    @Brian Watkins-Oracle Would you mind sharing more details on the use case you outlined above? (For example, if you have a specific scenario in mind it would be helpful to understand what target system you'd want to write back to, how much data would be written to the target, is there a need to execute this writeback on a schedule, etc)

  • Hi Gabrielle, thanks for the feedback!

    We have two use cases at the moment. The first is related to collecting status updates and notes from the sales teams related to our AR aging top customers. To build the report we join an aging report to the revenue analysis subject area, then cut our top aging accounts by product, sales leader, and sales rep. so it's two fields for about 100 rows of data in that case.

    The second case is related to a project tracker that we run for our Deal Desk team. The idea there was to collect inputs for status changes, person assignment, etc directly into DV right next to the dasboarding and reporting itself. This use case might be better covered by an apex app with separate DV reporting though.