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Oracle Analytics Server RCU schema for Prod and DR

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Production Environment: 1 set of HA Oracle Analytics Server

DR Environment: 1 set of HA Oracle Analytics Server

Data Guard on sync the Production Database to DR Database. So RCU schema(example prefix=OAS) will be show in both Database.

As I know schema will store some data like scheduler, DV, catalog. So, that i must sync the Prod RCU schema to DR RCU schema. from this i have to use same set of schema prefix so that they able to sync using Data Guard. (Correct me if i understand wrong)

In DR database I need to drop OAS RCU first and recreate same name prefix so that i able to create domain. If not will had the error the schema had been used. Due to Data Guard restore point.

Also, i try to copy whole production domain to DR server. It able to start but component obis and obisch was failed to start.

It there any other way to setup? Or my plan way is incorrect?



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  • Gianni Ceresa
    edited February 23 Answer ✓


    I believe can answer part of the questioning you are having.

    Because you have your database in sync in your DR location via data guard, you are trying to take a shortcut by not having to handle OAS DR separately.

    That MOS document isn't exactly your case, but quite close (because your data guard sync copy of the database can be seen as being the same database).

    I believe the "clean" OAS way to handle that is by moving snapshots from your live environment over to the DR environment and your DR environment doesn't touch the RCU schemas synchronized by data guard. Both environments will be on different schemas (different prefixes).

    Of course there can be way to make it work differently, but this will probably require some hacking here and there to trick the DR OAS in thinking it is the real OAS when you start it (and your DR OAS can't be started until your live OAS will be down, to avoid 2 OAS instances putting their hands into the same RCU).

    Didn't look at the doc recently to see if they do cover something about OAS DR implementation, and I also didn't read about the FMW Disaster Recovery to see if it can apply to OAS somehow.

    My guess would be that with your "cloned" (data guard sync) DB, if you also do clone the OAS installs, it will just work with little changes (maybe just a rename of host or IP address here and there). But it's things that would highly depends on how your environment is installed and everything else.

    As for OBIS and OBISCH not starting, what does the logs says? Is that because of pointing to a wrong hostname or IP? Because you can write a script doing the required changes if that's the issue...


  • Tiang
    Tiang ✭✭✭


    After running simulations in the test environment and conducting multiple tests, I've realized that we need to undertake further actions regarding the database to guarantee the successful launch and access of OAS.

    Your advice or recommendations on this matter would be immensely valuable and much appreciated to ensure successful implementation.

    Thank you for your assistance.