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New annual release of OAS 2024 - what will and won't be included from OAC ?

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I have a question/wish directed to Analytics Product Management:

New annual release of OAS 2024 is (I guess) slowly knocking on the door. And it would be very good for us, on-premise customers to know a little bit in advance what new features launched in OAC during year period will be included and what features (from whatever reason) will not be included into new release of OAS 2024 . This will really help us to "tame expections" from our business users, who are constantly asking questions like: "When we will have export to Excel in DV" or "Will it be possible to schedule DV workbooks and sending via email" etc.....

Thanks in advance for being open and sharing those information with us. It will avoid unwanted surprises when OAS 2024 will be launched.

Best Answer

  • In general the scope of features that we plan for OAS 2024 is inclusive of what has been made available between the OAC Mar 2023 update through the OAC Jan 2024 update. There may be a few features with cloud-based dependencies that do not make it to OAS. And yes, we do plan to have Semantic Modeler included in OAS 2024.