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OAS 2024 Oracle Linux 9 certification


We are currently running our OAS 2023 instances on machines with Oracle Linux 7.9 (planning to upgrade to OAS 2024 soon).
Our IT operation (together with IT security) established a plan to migrate all machines to Oracle Linux 9 (as the latest OL version and thus with longest support period release - see: ).
But Oracle Linux 9 is currently not listed in certified OS for OAS (latest 2024 release) - just Oracle Linux 7 (where premier support ends in December 2024) and Oracle Linux 8: .

So for us having OAS 2024 certified against Oracle Linux 9 in very short time would be very beneficial for us, since we can directly migrate our OAS boxes to Oracle Linux 9 (bypassing Oracle Linux 8). Oracle Linux 9 is a preferred version for our IT operation/IT security.

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