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Warn users of 25k row limit when exporting to Excel (xlsx)


The preview feature exporting to Excel (xlsx) format has recently been implemented as a general access feature. While in most instances this makes exporting data from dashboards much smoother, there is a 25,000 row limit that may affect certain users attempting to conduct analysis off exported data.

Alternatively, remove row limits when exporting to Excel (xlsx).

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  • Agree. Users will export believing they have the complete data and not realize that it was only a partial export. Would prefer that the export fail if the user attempts to export more than 25k rows in excel or at least have a popup of some sort that warns them of the row limit

  • I agree with the comment above. A popup for the very least appear stating that all data did not get extracted via xlsm. This will lead the user to believe that have the data they need.