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Is there a way to extend the timeout for Oracle Dashboards?

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KristiB ✭✭

Hello. I have two dashboards that need to run all day for staff to see their production numbers, but the dashboards keep timing out. I have read that due to security updates, if a PC with the dashboard on it is inactive, it will return to the sign in screen. But, I need these dashboards available all day. Is there a way to increase the sign out option, turn the dashboards into Kiosk mode so they present all day and don't require a sign in, or a presentation option so the dashboards stay open all day? Any options would be better then me trying to remember to remote in every 4 hours and sign back in.

Thank you.


  • Sumanth V -Oracle
    Sumanth V -Oracle ✭✭✭✭✭

    @User_19UJH - In ($DOMAIN_HOME/bi/config/fmwconfig/biconfig/bi-security), internalSessionTokenExpiryTime parameter is set to 14400 by default. You can try increasing it to a higher value and test.
    Reference: Active User Session Timeout Happens after 4 Hours in Oracle Analytics (Doc ID 2984584.1)

    Please be informed in case a custom SSO solution is being used then the timeout is handled by SSO.

  • KristiB
    KristiB ✭✭

    Hello Sumanth - thank you for your response. We have already increased it to the higher value and it still times out. I was hoping there was a way to present it all day. I will check into the custom SSO solution to see if that is being used. Thank you.

  • SteveF-Oracle
    edited May 14


    Note: You did not mention if you are using OAC, OAS, or OBI
    Are you using Classic Dashboards, or a Workbook?

    If Classic OBI/OAS, this may help,

    OBIEE12c : How To Make Dashboard Page Refresh Automatically (Doc ID 2513886.1)

    or, this older thread.

  • KristiB
    KristiB ✭✭

    Hello. We use OBI and refreshing is not our issue…it is logging out that I am having an issue with. The dashboard update and refresh perfectly but because they are on a PC, the Oracle BI session times out and goes to the sign in screen. I am trying to create a script with the task scheduler that will sign out and then sign back in before the time out window hits but I'm not having much luck.

  • SteveF-Oracle
    edited May 14

    Ok, my thought was periodically refreshing can keep the idle time active.
    So, if you have not specifically tested or tried the Doc ID, then suggest you do so, since they would be specific to the dashboards.

    Since we do not know your OBI version, let's assume the terminal release:

    We will have to do a "try this" :

    • Make a backup copy of the OBIPS component configuration file (<DOMAIN_HOME>/config/fmwconfig/biconfig/OBIPS/instanceconfig.xml)

    • Edit the configuration file and add the ClientSessionExpireMinutes element along with the LogonExpireMinutes:

      Where represents the number of minutes of inactivity after which you want the session to expire.


    • Restart the obips component

    Note: this will affect everyone.

    If you are using Single Sign-on, then configure the specific user timeout for the user running the dashboards.

  • KristiB
    KristiB ✭✭

    Hello Steve F — I think the Single Sign-on is my issue. I don't need to make the time out changes to everyone. Just one sign in….thank you. I think I am on the right path now.