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Sisanda ✭✭✭

Good day,

Please kindly assist, I am currently developing the RDP for a new required project, I need to join two tables but they have no common database keys (Primary and Foreign keys) How do I go about doing that because I need the data from both tables as per the users requirements.

Kind Regards

Sisanda Mdledle

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  • Gianni Ceresa
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    I want to be able to display data from both tables, thats why I need to join the tables

    You are talking about RPD: what's the role of those tables? Are they attributes tables? Are they measures tables?

    How about you show an example of what you are talking about? You are still not really wording the requirement in something that matches with what OA/OBIEE does…

    You can display data from 2 different tables, just model them independently through the RPD and expose 2 separate subject areas and then put 2 analysis on each subject area in the same dashboard page.

    Or post a screenshot of you building in Excel, paint, notepad, whatever else, what you are trying to do.

    Because right now you are saying "I want to join 2 table that have nothing to join them together because these 2 tables do not join together and have no reason to be joined together".

    Even if you were trying to say "I want to join 2 tables based on the row number, so that 1st row of table A is joined to table B, etc.", the answer would be that it depends on how you calculate the row number in each table, order on what.


  • How would you query these 2 tables together if they don't connect in any way?

    You first need to know how you want the system to behave, then you can model you RPD accordingly.

    But you aren't really providing any information for a more precise answer.

  • Sisanda
    Sisanda ✭✭✭

    Hi Gianni,

    I am building a dashboard and trying to query data from two tables that belong to the same schema.

    However, I am unable to join the two tables because there are no common database keys (Primary keys, and foreign keys). Is there another way I can join these two tables?

  • Sumanth V -Oracle
    Sumanth V -Oracle ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Sisanda - If there are no common keys between 2 tables, even if you create a serial number column and joined both then also the results returned won't be appropriate as the join defined is illogical. So, even the dashboards built would show ambiguous results.

  • trying to query data from two tables

    You are still not answering the question of: how do you want the system to behave?

    Query data from two tables doesn't mean much… Maybe you don't need to join these 2 tables at all, maybe you do. The thing is that nobody here knows because you aren't really sharing any information to even start pointing you in the right direction.

    The RPD does inform the product on how to generate queries. If you know what behavior you expect from these 2 tables, that's the piece of information you should share in here.

    Sometime not joining tables is the best solution, it all depends on what you want to do with those tables…

  • Sisanda
    Sisanda ✭✭✭

    Let me try again, this is how I want the system or dashboard to behave

    I want to be able to display data from both tables, thats why I need to join the tables

  • Sumanth V -Oracle
    Sumanth V -Oracle ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Sisanda - We need to have a logical common key between 2 tables to establish a join. Without the same there is nothing much I can suggest. Other comments are welcome. Thanks.

  • Sisanda
    Sisanda ✭✭✭

    Thank you, I was hoping there was some way I could join the two tables. A bridge table or a complex join.

    I'm still doing research

  • Let me take 3 steps back and ask a basic question here:

    Do you just want to have 2 different tables displayed at the same time inside the same dashboard?

    Or does the data really need to be joined together in a technical sense of the term?

    Because nothing is stopping you from putting two table visualizations in any dashboard or workbook which display each their respective table on their own.

    It may sound like semantics but the word "joining" has actual technical meaning and implications while simply showing data in the same dashboard or workbook does not.