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Opaque View joins are not working as expected when Database is changed from DB2 to SQL Server

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The backend database used for OBIEE reports needs to be updated from DB2 to SQL Server. In RPD, i have created Physical, BMM and Presentation layers using SQL Server by mimicking existing design.

What i have observed is, the opaque views joins are not showing up in the SQL log.. These opaque views are joined with other physical tables as per existing design. The joins between physical tables and views which are sourced from DB are generating SQL with joins but not the opaque views created in physical layer.

Is there any limitation with SQL Server database on this feature..please share your thoughts!!

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  • Sowjanya Beeravolu
    Answer ✓

    CREATE_VIEW_SUPPORTED is enabled already. I think without this feature , creating opaque view is not possible.

    I could create opaque view and set up joins with other tables/views. But these joins are not visible in the SQL(view log).