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OBIEE login to dashboard takes exactly 4 minutes on RHEL 8 machine

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Does anyone knows why my OBIEE login to dashboard takes exactly 4 minutes on RHEL 8 machine?

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    @Christian Berg I was occupied with couple of production migration. I was able to resolve it by updating one of the decommissioned DB in RPD. I have changed the old decommissioned DB to correct DB and that brought down the login time from 4 mins to few seconds. I appreciate all who point me to the right direction and helped me to resolve this issue.





    Its based on your configuration and setup. one way is to download the .HAR fie and see where its taking more time. Also follow the below MOS doc for better performance metric configuration.

    Best Practices Guide for Infrastructure Tuning Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 12c (OBIEE) (Doc ID 2106183.1)



  • Hello Mallikarjuna,

    I followed the pdf but it did not help.

    Could you please explain this to me what do you mean by .HAR file and from where i can download it?




    You can check below for navigation from browser —> developer tools.



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    In your case, security configuration, all users, few users, always occurred/just started (change??)

  • We are moving OBIEE from which is on RHEL 6 to OBIEE on RHEL 8 (Oracle 12c db). This is out of place upgrade so we did installation and configuration on different server and then copied the bar file to new version exported from older version. After the bar file migration to newer OBIEE version login to dashboard became slow. it is taking exact 4 minutes to load and show up the dashboard. We have same set of report catalog working fine on older version on RHEL 6 machine. I have followed the instruction as per this Best Practices Guide for Infrastructure Tuning Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 12c (OBIEE) (Doc ID 2106183.1) but that didn't resolve my issue.

    SR - SR 3-36983144181

  • SteveF-Oracle
    edited June 5

    Thanks for the additional details, it looks like you are already working with Support and supplying them a Collect Diagnostic Bundles with your config and logs.

    If you use Initialization Blocks, check them to make sure they are all firing correctly.

  • Gianni Ceresa
    edited June 5


    You described how you did the out of place upgrade, but the login part is mostly "outside" OBIEE (except if you are still using init blocks for number of things).

    The security configuration in WebLogic is also the piece that isn't covered in the OBIEE content migration. Is it exactly the same? Did you check all the advanced settings and configs of all your providers?

    You also didn't say anything about what your security model is like, what providers you are using etc. As you say it's the login taking 4 minutes to open an object, I would start investigating that piece, outside of OBIEE.

    By the way: you seem to like to stay on very old versions. 12.2 database is … old knowing that 19c exists for many years and 23ai is about to be GA on-premises, just like OBIEE is very, very, very old compared to the last OAS release. It's maybe something that could be worth looking into, if you aren't a bit too much "behind".

  • @Gianni Ceresa Thanks for your response. We have not configured any providers yet. This is taking time with default id which is weblogic. We will upgrade the DB later. As of now the push is to move out from RHEL 6 to RHEL 8.

    When we installed and configured the OBIEE with sample application login and dashboard loading is quick. the moment we brought all our reports then it started taking time from login to dasboard.



  • Without any custom authenticator and just using the default embedded lightweight LDAP and the weblogic account, you should look at the logs and see what happen when you try to login. You maybe have some connection issues and some init blocks keep you waiting till a timeout or something like that (that's also what Steve mentioned earlier).

    All in all, the login time is heavily influenced by your own content, and therefore only you can analyse what's going on and then fix what needed.

    I bet that when you tried a login before to import your content it was a lot faster, right?

  • @SHARAD KUMAR JAISWAL Did you give up on this topic? You received input from several people and it would be appreciated if you could follow up on this thread so that all forum users can benefit from it.