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12c - upload/download rpd

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we are in the phase of 11g to 12c and suddenly i have noticed bi server (instance) is not up and running. so is there any suggestions to bring it back. i tried to restart and have checked the logs.

no much information about the issue. i just says check the log but no much information in logs.

can someone please share lights on this issue?

oracle@obie01:/u01/OBIEEHOME/user_projects/domains/OBIDEV/bitools/bin$ ./ uploadrpd -I /u01/obi_shared/liverpd.rpd -W Admin123 -SI ssi -U weblogic


Service Instance: ssi

Operation failed.

An exception occurred during execution, please check server logs.

Thanks in advance



  • If your BI Server is down no need to try to upload or download the RPD, the component you want to talk with is down ...

    As the message you got said you have to check the logs, there is no secret answer like "do that and done", depend on what the issue is.

  • nm.Mani
    nm.Mani ✭✭✭✭✭

    Sure you are right, after a bit of research i understood this. thank you for your reply.

    I cannont download or upload rpd, and the BIserver component is down. In this case what should be the procedure to bring back the biserver component live.

    in 11g if the rpd is failed to upload, we can revert back to the old rpd. but in 12c i cannot find a way to change this.

    please suggest



  • Hello Mani,

    Please go tough below mentioned document and follow the steps of solution only if you have RPD backup or try and export service instance for a possibility to get RPD recovered:

    Hope you have backup of your RPD!!


  • I will say that even if in 11g the BI server was doing versioning it's always up to you, as developer or BI admin, to manage versioning of your own code independently. So already with 11g you were supposed to have your own versioning and this same versioning will avoid you issues in 12c as you have all your versions with logs of what has been added by who all the time.

    It's not really the job of the BI server to do versioning (and you actually see it as the catalog isn't versioned at all).

    So it's up to you to make sure you have working backups and versioning.

  • rmoff
    rmoff ✭✭✭✭✭

    +1 to @Gianni Ceresa.

    Any mature software development practice should be using source control and automated deployments. Totally possible, and easy, with OBIEE, whether 11g or 12c.

  • nm.Mani
    nm.Mani ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks All for your responses. Solution is to revert to old rpd and restart. worked!!!