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Using image within text box

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Hi guys,

I am using Oracle Business Intelligence and I tried to add an html image link inside a text box within an already existing analysis.

My source code looks as follows:

<div id="container" width:143px; height:136px; z-index:1; left: 0px; top: 0px;">

<div id="kachel" style="position: relative; width:143px; height:136px; z-index:1; left: 0px; top: 0px;">

<img src="" border="0">


<div id="punctuality" style="position: relative; width:143px; height:1px; z-index:1; left: 24px; top: -105px;">

<font face = "ARIAL" size = 6 color="black"><b>@2&lt;/b>


<div id="trend" style="position:relative; width:143px; height:136px; z-index:1; left: 86px; top: -57px;">

<font face = "ARIAL" size = 4 color="white"><b><i>@17&lt;i/></b>



When showing the image within our Oracle Bi web-plattform the output looks ok:


As soon as I try to export the analysis to .pdf-format the image does not show anymore.

Of course, I have already read a lot  of comments on this matter (using a non relative image path) but is it possible to refer to an image inside a text box within an analysis?

I also checked, if I could accomplish this using "cmap:" and "fmap:" but then the system shows me the following output:


Does anyone know a solution for my problem?

Best regards



  • Last night I also tried to create a new directory on our server called "analyticsRes" and I deployed it using Weblogic Server Administration Console 12c.

    I was able to put an image within the new specified directory and I was also able to call it using the following html code within a text box of an analysis:

    <img src=" " border="0">

    The imaged showed well within the web browser but as soon as I started to export it to a .pdf-format it was not there anymore.

    So still I am having the same problem: Does anyone know a solution for this matter, why the .pdf rendering engine does not call a picture?

  • Hi Carsten,

    Your image is the 2 rounded corners squares with the colors of your company, right? You then play with CSS to display numbers (2 columns) of your analysis inside?

    If in the PDF you don't have the image, do you at least see the 2 numbers? Is the style correct? (one bigger in top-left position and second smaller in lower-right side)

    The PDF engine isn't as flexible as converting any kind of HTML, so ... you are maybe asking a bit too much to it

    It's one of the issues of a narrative view when used to make custom HTML output, the PDF engine will not understand it the same way as your browser.

  • Grüss dich Carsten,

    So Gianni beat me to the short version: PDF won't render this.

    I quickly built this:…

    Accessible with Prodney / Admin123

    PDF - same problem:


    But as a workaround you could use "Printable HTML" and the print from the browser:



  • Thank you for your comments above.

    Unfortunately an HTML attachment is not an option for our customers.

    I think I try to make it work using HTML5 / CSS3 within the text box again eventhough it did not work the last time I tried it this way.

    Maybe I have to enable some parameter within a config-file that solves this issue.

  • I highly doubt it. That's pretty much assured to be a product defect if it doesnt even render pics INSIDE your deployment.