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BI Service Administrator Application Role is deleted

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Hi All,

I was working on write back option and accidentally deleted BI Service Administrator application role. Is there any way to recover it.

Please suggest.




  • nm.Mani
    nm.Mani ✭✭✭✭✭

    Also, no more Administrator link on the dashboard. it is disappeared. very frustrating.

  • Have you already searched this forum? It seems to be a  new sport to destroy ones environment recently....

    Edit as now on a proper keyboard:

    1.) How does one delete the App Role while "working on write back"? Does that all of a sudden require anything/something in EM?

    2.) Delete as in "does not exist in EM anymore at all"?

    3.) Even if 2 is true then so what? You can just recreate it. EM isn't controlled by App Roles and you can admin everything with your administrative user like WLS who is governed by WLS security groups

  • nm.Mani
    nm.Mani ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Christian,

    yes, point 2 is right. could you please suggest how to recreate BI Administrator role default app role?

    any docs/urls related to obiee 12c please.



  • Log on to  EM, create the App Role and assign principals (gorups, users) as needed.

    If you just deleted the app role then weblogic - for example - is still perfectly able to administer things in EM.

  • nm.Mani
    nm.Mani ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks Christian. I created BIAdministrator role and added permissions & roles. ofcourse a restart it started working.

    Thanks a lot.


  • Hi Mani,

    I was happens to me recently, while am trying to add another application role unfortunately BI Service Administrator role was deleted by mistake.

    I created the role again and added weblogic user but some how it was unable to get the default roles and access to the weblogic user.

    So do i need to do any more additional steps to work BI Service Administrator like before???

    Please could you suggest me the steps that you did, so i will try to add any more missing steps from my end.



  • Don't hijack threads. Create an own one for your question.

  • Thanks Christian,

    I created a new one but some how it's not behaving like earlier,even weblogic user was not able to create analytics and dashboards etc.. and i was unable to open the online RPD with weblogic user credentials.

    So did i missed any other steps like adding security policies or any other information, please can you elaborate how can i get BISA role back again with regular behavior??



  • Create. A. New. Thread.