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Calculating logical column from two different Logical tables

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Hello All,

I've a scenario where I've to create a logical column in logical fact which filters the records based on the column in the dimension.

For example, I want to get the Number of products whose status is Not delivered. Here Product ID is in Fact where as status column is in Dimension. So How can I calculate a metric for "Number of  Products which are 'Not Delivered'". Then I've to calculate one more logical column

'Percentage products not delivered".

PS: I tried writing the following expression while creating new logical column but unable to do it.

(Filter("EDW"."Fact"."Product ID"  when ("EDWBTI"."Status"."Status Description"  = 'Not Delivered' ) ) and I also tried

(Filter("EDW"."Fact"."Product Count"  when ("EDWBTI"."Status"."Status Description"  = 'Not Delivered' ) )