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OBIEE 12c Conditional report selection issue

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Hello All,

I have an issue with a Dashboard I'm creating and am baffled as to why this is happening and how I can resolve.

I have conditional Sections in 2x Dashboard sub-pages, controlled by 2x different variable prompts and 2x different analysis (though from the same Subject Area)

The conditions are set by Analysis - when the number of rows in the condition is equal to the number of rows in the analysis.

Separately, both Dashboard pages work fine - when I select the report choice, the report appears, when I change the radio button in the Prompt, the report changes.

My issue occurs when I switch Dashboard sub-pages - the condition set in page 1 is carried over to page 2 IE:

If I select Report number 3 in page 1, when I click to switch Dashboard pages to load page 2, page 2 will show report 3 and the Prompt on Page 2 will not control the dashboard page. Page 1 remains operable when I go back to it.

I have ensured the prompts' scope is set to 'Page' - and there can't be anything wrong with the analysis as they work fine separately.

I wondered if it's browser cache but I'm not so sure?

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Thanks, Lee