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Use Narrative view to populate hidden prompt values

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We are attempting to populate hidden prompt values via Narrative view as described in the Youtube video "Custom Interactions: Prompts" (, however we have run into difficulties with JavaScript because we lack the SAutils.js file that is being used. Where can we find this file, or the code of JavaScript functions inside it?

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  • Hi Roman,

    Basically if you go down any kind of JS path you're approaching things from the wrong angle of attack in 99.999% of the cases.

    What's the REAL use case? Not "population prompts with a narrative view". What should that view do that the 5 out-of-the-box approaches can not do?

  • 3756623 wrote:...however we have run into difficulties with JavaScript because we lack the SAutils.js file that is being used. 

    You reference a video about 11g ( and you tagged your post with "obiee 12c". That's the answer to your question about SAutils.js ....

    The UI heavily change between and 12c, many of the JS have been adapted by the adoption of jQuery and few other JS libraries. So don't except a simple "do this and that" translation between a video and your 12c.

    If you want (in reference to Christian's post) you can understand the approach adopted in 11g and then implement a similar thing in 12c. For this you will need to investigate how 12c works, which file does what and when and how and define where/how to implement your needs.

    It's a customization, no doc is provided on these things and it's up to you to find how to make it and to guarantee the support for it knowing that it could stop working at any time with a patch/upgrade.

  • Ok, you are correct let me explain the need/use case behind the original question:
    In our OBIEE environment we have a dashboard that client can use to change his own password.
    it has a form of two prompt fields (old password and new password) that update 2 presentation variables, and an action link that uses j2ee application that receives the parameters and changes the password.
    Until now the two password fields were regular, meaning the both password were seen plain text, however we have received a request to mask those fields with asterisks, for the obvious sake of password security.
    So I'm looking for the way to use two masked fields that will allow me to retain all the logic of the dashboard intact.

  • Any chance for an answer?

  • Isn't this a XY problem? ( )

    What is your authentication provider? Doesn't that thing have a proper support of password management?

    Can't your J2EE app be called as webservice or even just receive a HTTP request and do the job from there?

    To me it sounds like you "abuse" a bunch of functionality of the tool to try to achieve something, and with time the number of workaround kept increasing and now you end up to that point. Having some custom code, to cheat on a hidden prompt, sending password around the page etc.

    If you take a (or some) step back and look at the case from the beginning you will maybe find an easier way to manage everything, getting rid of "years" of workaround.