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Pass Prompt value as parameter to another prompt

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I want to pass Year prompt Values to another prompt which is month prompt and then month to date.

as you can see in Fig.1 and Fig.2,

I Fig.2, at highlighted point, I have tried different methods to pass year prompt but fail, plesae help

Fig.1, Year Prompt

Year Prompt.jpg

Fig. 2, Month Prompt

Month Prompt.jpg



  • Jerry Casey
    Jerry Casey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Are these prompts on the same page?  Do you have a time dimension set up in the data model?  If so, put them in the same prompt and constrain month by the year prompt, and date by the first two.

    If it's across different pages and data models, use presentation variables where you have "???".

  • Yes on same page, Yes I have time dimension in repository.

    Can you please share the exact syntex how to constraint month by the year prompt ---- because I tried but couldn't success.

  • Jerry Casey
    Jerry Casey ✭✭✭✭✭

    To get this:


    I used a single field called "Image Date", and created 3 column prompts like this:


    When you create each prompt, select "column prompt", choose your date field, then use the edit button in the top line, shown below to
    change it to Year(Datefield) or Month(Datefield).

    "Month" is shown below, and the second highlight shows where you limit values by the "Year" prompt.

    Also, see where I selected Radio Buttons as the user input, with a horrizontal layout and an adequate width to show them


    The third prompt is just the date field, un-revised, with the "Limit Values" set to "All Prompts"

    2019 looks like this (so far):


  • Jerry Casey
    Jerry Casey ✭✭✭✭✭

    I should have added that I work in version  I'm assuming the prompt editor looks the same for you.