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Hidden prompts not allowed on Sub Pages?


Hello all,

I haven't found any references to this issue on this site or in "googling" it. I'm in OBIEE 

I don't use hidden prompts very often, but they can be useful at times. 

I am unable to install one on a dashboard subpage.

In Dashboard Properties, the Filters and Variables icon becomes grayed-out when you highlight the parent page, but not when you highlight the subpage.

The whole procedure appeared normal up to the point of returning to the dashboard, and to cut this short, there was no hidden prompt.
I retraced my steps, and F&V window was empty.   I checked my permissions at all levels, which hadn't changed.

I can still save them at the dashboard level and also at the page level, but only when the page had no subpages.

Has anyone else encountered this?