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Action Link Not Working

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We have an action link on a column in an analysis that suddenly stopped working.

The column still looks like a hyperlink when we hover over it, but when we click on it, nothing happens.

The odd thing is... if we open this up in the "Edit Analysis" mode, and navigate to the Results tab, it works just fine.  It's just not working on the user front-end screen.

The only difference we found on this analysis vs. other ones (where the links are working), is that this one is a pivot table.  Not sure if this is significant, but I thought I'd mention it.

Also, this is happening in two separate versions - and

Any ideas?




  • Dennis Hancy
    Dennis Hancy ✭✭✭✭

    Just an FYI for anyone who is following this discussion...

    We were able track down the source of this issue.  The issue is that one of our prompt values is *)nqgtn(*.  From what we've read online, this has something to do with NULL values and presentation variables. The particular column is defined as a prompted filter in our analysis.

    Not sure I understand this, but when we removed that value from our prompt selection, the hyperlinks started working again.