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Relationship Between Hierarchies and Dashboard Prompts

Received Response

It's entirely possible this question has already been addressed in another discussion; however, I am sure how to phrase my search, so I thought I'd take a chance and start a new discussion.

So we have a hierarchy in our analysis.  It is made up of three levels: Location, Source Name, File Name.

We have database prompts with the same columns (levels).

1. From the dashboard prompt on the Summary Page, the user selects a value for Source Name: abc

2. The contents of the analysis are updated accordingly.

3. The user clicks on the action link in the hierarchy for the location: Cleveland

4. The detail page appears.  The dashboard prompt for Location is correct on the detail page.  But the dashboard prompt for Source Name is null.

5. The image below shows the situation.

6. How can we keep the values from the dashboard prompt selection on the detail page?





  • My guess is that the behaviour is correct and it acts like if you would have the 3 columns in your analysis. If you had separated columns for "location", "source name" and "file name" and an extra column for your "# transactions", clicking on an action link on the "location" column would only pass the "location" value down to the target page. This is because actions links on dimensions sends the values "on the left" of the clicked dimension value and the value itself. In your case the "source name" would be on the right.

    In general you are mixing 2 things: you have prompts on individual columns but display an hierarchy. You could use a prompt on the hierarchy itself instead of having the mix you have now.